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Hair Extensions

     Hair extensions have been around for years, but they have never been more popular than they are right now!

     Having said that, I believe that no two heads are the same.  Each guest will have different hair goals and needs.  I will customize the hair extension experience to fit your specific needs. I will take into account your daily lifestyle, the maintenance that your comfortable with, your natural hair color and texture and so much more!  From ultra thick to baby fine hair and everything in between, I have an option for you!  


     Right now the hand-tied extension method is having a boom in popularity.  This method is known for it's super comfortable experience, low maintenance, super flat positioning and most importantly it creates minimal tension on the natural hair.  If you've had a bad hair extension experience in the past I highly suggest you give this method a try! 

This is the Rolls Royce of extension methods!

If these methods aren't a good fit for your hair I also specialize in tape-in, keratin/fusion or other beaded-row options.  

My goal is to pair you with the method that is best suited for your hair! Period! That's how I guarantee you have a healthy and successful hair extension experience. 

    Thinking about investing in hair extensions?

A few things to consider:

1. They are a luxury service.  There is no way around the cost.  It is an investment in your hair and yourself but I promise, it will be well worth it!

2.  They REQUIRE maintenance.  Depending on several factors you will have to be in the salon every 4-10 weeks to have them moved up.  This is very important as maintaining your extensions is the best way to care for your natural hair and scalp.

3.  Hair Extensions DO require at-home care.  You MUST use professional products on them to be sure they are getting the care they need.  You also have to keep them brushed at all times and follow some simple guidelines in order to keep them healthy.  The lifespan of your extensions is dependent on how you care for them everyday.  With proper care your extensions can last 6-12 months.  With lack of care they will last 2-3 months.

     I educate all my extension guests on everything they need to know about the extensions so they will be a great investment and last as long as possible.  We will go over at-home care,  maintenance, color tips, professional products, and ways to extend the life of your extension hair at your installation appointment.

** All NEW Hair extension appointments require a deposit to schedule.  This deposit will be applied to your service the day of your appointment.  If you cancel or change your appointment within my 48 hour cancellation policy window you will lose this deposit. A waiver is required to ensure acknowledgement of the deposit and the cancellation policy.

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  • Hand-Tied Method

  • Invisible Bead Method 

  • Secret-Bead Method

  • Tape-In Method

  • Beaded-Row Method

  • Keratin Bonded Method

  • I-Tip Method


  • Weft/Beaded Row Installation:  $225 PER ROW

  • IBE (Invisible Bead Extensions: $250 PER ROW

  • Tape-In Hair Extension Installation: $135  PER BAG of 20 tapes or 10 sandwiches

  • Keratin/Fusion Hair Extension Installation: PRICED BY THE HOUR OR BY THE PROJECT


(Most hair is available in 16, 18, 20, 22 and 24 inch length) (Also avaliable in straight and wavy/curly)

  • Morgan James Hair Extensions: $80 PER WEFT

  • Volume Weft: $315 (16 inch length) - $635 (22 inch length)

  • Tape-In Hair Extensions: $225 (16 inch length) - $270 (22 inch length)   (20 tapes per pack = 10 sandwiches)

  • Keratin/Fusion Hair Extensions:  $105 (16 inch length) - $120 (22 inch length) PER BAG

  • I-Tip Hair Extensions: $105 (16 inch length) - $120 (22 inch length) PER BAG

-For more Hair Extension Prices go to my "Hair Extension Services" page.

-All prices WILL vary and can depend on your specific goals and needs.  Again, this is a customized experience so every person will require different things. 


-Variables that will affect the final price:  installation method, custom coloring of your natural hair, custom coloring of the extensions, amount of hair needed, length of hair, additional salon services, custom root shadow, treatments...etc.

-These are not exact quotes.  These are basic package prices to offer an idea of cost.  For an exact cost or to schedule an appt. please fill out my HAIR EXTENSION CONSULTATION FORM.


                                                     Ready to begin your hair journey? CLICK BELOW.



***For pricing on my other extension methods please fill out a Hair Extension Consultation form (go to the HAIR EXTENSION option in the menu above).

***All prices listed above are estimates. They do not include the cost of any hair color services that would be needed.

** All NEW Hair extension appointments require a $500+ deposit to schedule.  This deposit will be applied to your service the day of your appointment.  If you cancel or change your appointment inside my 48 hour cancellation policy window you will lose this deposit.  All guests scheduling a hair extension installation and hair purchase will be required to sign a cancellation/deposit waiver.

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