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Cut & Style

Women's Cut                                                                                                   $125+
Includes: Shampoo, Blow-dry, and style.

The LUX Blow-Dry                                                                                        $135+  ​Includes: Shampoo, Deep Hair Treatment, Blow-dry and Style.

Blow-Dry & Style                                                                                            $65+
​Includes: Shampoo, Conditioner and Blow-dry.

Hot Tools Alone                                                                                             $20+
(flat-iron or curling iron styling only)

Lightening Packages

Packages Include: Lightening Service, 1 Toner, Root Shadow, Shampoo,
Relaxing Head Massage, Condition, Blow-Dry.
(ALL prices will vary based on hair length, density and goals)

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Smoothing Treatments



Full Highlight or Balayage                                                                          $495+

Half Highlight or Balayage                                                                         $435+

Mohawk / Halo Highlight or Balayage                                                      $385+

Face Frame Highlight or Balayage                                                              $195+

(all-over toner NOT included)​

Full Baby-light                                                                                              $610+


Half Baby-light                                                                                             $485+

Toner Refresh Package                                                                                  $200+

Includes: Single-process color gloss/neutralize brass, Shampoo,

Relaxing Head Massage, Condition & Blow-Dry.

Toner Refresh + Root Shadow Package

Includes: Color/toner, Root Shadow, Shampoo, Scalp Massage &

Blowdry.                                                                                                                                        $265


Root Touch-up Package                                                                                $205+

Includes: Permanent color applied to 1-inch growth at roots,

Shampoo, Relaxing Head Massage, Condition & Blow-Dry.

Root Touch-up & Gloss Package                                                                  $285+

Includes: 1-inch of permanent color applied to the out-growth

at the roots, and a single process color added to the ends to

refresh the color, Shampoo, Relaxing Head Massage, Condition & Blow-Dry.

Bleach & Tone (re-touch)                                                                               TBD





The OLAPLEX Experience                                                                           $140+

A total emersion of the Olaplex line! This will help to rebuild

broken bonds within the hair's structure to promote stronger,

healthier hair. 

Level 1-Express Conditioning Treatment                                                      $15+ 

This treatment can be added on to to any existing service. 

It can be customized to add

strength, moisture or shine to your hair. (add-on price)

Level 2-Essential Hair Treatment                                                                  $30+

A great treatment for anyone looking to pamper their hair!

Add deep moisture or repair to your hair. The perfect treatment

to add-on to any service! (add-on price)

Level 3- LUX Hair Treatment                                                                       $60+ 

A total emersion of our Unite RE-VIVE Product line! Benefit from the deepest levels

of moisture and repair, while enjoying a relaxing scalp massage.  

This is money well invested!  (add-on price)


Keratin Smoothing Treatment                                                                     $400+​

(we offer a 4% & 6% for different desired results)


Please note:

* All prices listed are "Starting at".  Prices will vary based on the hair length, density and final hair goal.

* I highly suggest you have a consultation before scheduling your service/s.  I offer both online and in-person consultations. You can contact me to schedule an in-person consultation or fill out my online consultation form here on this website.

* Please be aware this is a partial list of my services offered.  For a complete list of my services please see my online booking site.

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