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Hair Care 101

Hair Care tips
A Few Of My Favorite Products


1. Unite 7 Seconds Leave-In Spray - Great for so many things.  Adds instant moisture to any hair type.  Deep moisture for Hair extensions that can be applied everyday.  Tames frizz and adds intense shine to hair.  

2. Unite  Texturiza Spray - A spray in texture spray that is never heavy and delivers the perfect amount of grit into the hair.  Gives your hair that "second-day" feel and look we all love.  Also this spray has just the right amount of hold.

3. Pureology Strength Cure SuperFood Treatment - This is such a great mask for just about any hair.  Not too thick, but great for strengthening weak hair.  


4.  Kevin Murphy Bedroom Hair - Yep...Another texture spray!  I LOVE that beachy waves look and this is a great way to get it.  Bedroom hair is a dry shampoo and a hair spray and a texture spray all in one!  SOOO good! is one of the BEST smelling products you will every smell!  No joke!

5.  Amika PERK UP Dry Shampoo - A must-have to anyone who wears hair extensions or anyone that doesn't want to wash their hair everyday!  This dry shampoo smells AMAZING, never leaves a residue and adds just the right amount of texture to the hair! The PERFECT dry shampoo!

1. Unite U-OIL(purple) - One of the best hair oils made! (in my opinion of course....)  This oil is so smooth, soft, and it's never heavy on the hair.  I apply it into wet or dry hair.  Whether I need moisture, shine, or to tame frizz...this is the best oil!

2. Iles Finishing Serum - One of my absolute must haves for hair extensions!  I don't know what their secret is but this stuff is MAGIC!

3. It's A 10 Deep Hair Mask - Normally I wouldn't suggest a product that isn't sold exclusively in a professional setting, however in this case I actually like this mask.  I have used it for moisture and I think it actually helped.  If your hair is feeling dry you could give this a try and I think you might love it!  Caution...It can be a heavy mask so be very careful and be sure to rinse well. 

4. Wet Brush - I know, I know..this is a given, and I would like to think that you guys already know about this.  However, for my girls out there that don't know about the Wet is a must have!  

5. Kevin Murphy SUGARED ANGEL TREATMENT - So...this is like a purple shampoo except it won't turn your hair purple, or white, or grey!  This one is more of a beige tone.  So beautiful.  Picture that perfectly baked sugar cookie.  Not cool, but not warm.  Not purple, but not yellow.  It's that perfect in-between.  BEIGE!  I love this treatment!


Hair Extension

Hair Care

Blonde & Balayage
Hair Care

1. 7 Seconds Shampoo & Conditioner - Truly delivers amazing moisture!  After a lightening process your hair can be dry.  Your hair will be thirsty and need some serious moisture!  This is the set for you!

2. Unite Blonda Toning Shampoo - The best toning shampoo on the market! (in my opinion of course...)  Most purple shampoos will dry your hair out and can turn it grey, white or even...purple!  Blonda will get rid of the yellow without drying your hair out and without heavy, dark pigments.  A must-have for all blondes! And the smell is out of this world!

3. Olaplex #3 at Home Treatment - This entire line is going to be gold for your hair, but I especially love the number 3 treatment.  It's a post treatment that is meant to care for and heal the hair while building on the #1 and #2 treatments done in the salon.

4. Unite U-OIL (Purple) - I know, I listed this for hair extensions as well.  The truth is this product will work amazing on any hair.  However, it's going to be especially good for anyone needing moisture added back into their hair.  I cannot recommend this product enough!

5. Iles Shampoo, Conditioner & Mask! - This is a newer haircare line but it is amazing!!  This is a line we will be offering inside Morgan James and I amso excited to share this with you guys!  This stuff is like magic for your hair!

1. Cold Water - I know, this isn't a product.  But...I had to add this in. See, hot water opens the cuticle of the hair.  This is where the hair color is being held.  So, when you apply hot water to hair the cuticles are then opened and the color pigments are washed out quicker.  Cold water allows the cuticle to stay shut, therefore you can cleanse the hair shaft but not clean out the cuticle.  

2. Shampoo & Conditioner for COLOR CARE - I would have listed some favorites but the truth is most hair care lines will have a color care option.  You'll want a line without any abrasives or harsh additives.  This will be gentle on the hair as to not "scrub" the color out of the hair.

3. Pravana Nevo Color Enhancer - Did you know there are hair treatments that actually deposit color?  Yep...each time you apply this in the shower it will add pigment to the hair.  It's a great option to keep your hair color fresh! And...they offer them in several colors.

4. Unite Glossing Spray - This is actually a spray to add superior shine to the hair so it may seem like an odd choice for my hair color favorites.  However, it's actually a heat protectant which is crucial for protecting your hair color.  When you apply a heat protectant to the hair you put a layer in-between your hot tool and your hair color.  Heat is one of the main color killers so...its one of the best ways to protect your hair color. While adding amazing shine!

5.  Pravana Chromasilk Vivids Color Protecting Spray - Phew!! That's a mouthful!  I wanted to add in something for my vivd color babes!  This spray is a lightweight spray that you apply to the hair.  It adds a protective layer over the hair shaft that encapsulates the color pigments.  It's a great option to help keep your red, blue, green...etc. hair color live longer!  Try it, you'll thank me!

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