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- A valid credit card must be placed on your account before you can schedule any appointment.  I use Square appointments so it's a very secure site.  By placing your card on file you acknowledge and agree to my cancellation policy.

- Cancellation policy:  I ask 48 hrs to cancel or change any scheduled appointment.  Please understand; I make my living by using my time.  When you schedule an appointment I block that time off my schedule for you.  When you n0-show or cancel at the last minute I have no way of filling that time slot and I lose my income.  That slot could have gone to another guest who would have come to the appointment.  If you call the salon to cancel an appointment, and leave a message after hours or on a day the salon is closed this will not excuse your cancellation.   I work normal business hours and I check the messages during normal business hours.  If you cancel outside of business hours there is no way for me to get that, therefore this will count as a no-show.  The best way to cancel during NON-BUSINESS hours is email.  I can see my email 24 hours a day.

- If you cancel inside the requested 48 hrs or you no-show a scheduled appointment there will be a $50 fee applied to the card that was placed on your file at the time of booking.  You acknowledge and agree to this by leaving your card on file.  This is how I protect my business and my schedule.  I will always respect both you and your time, I ask that you give me that same courtesy.


- There are no dogs, babies, or children allowed in the salon (unless they are having their hair serviced).  If your dog is a service pet that is acceptable.  This is a safety hazard for both me and for the children.  If you bring your children or baby to an appointment, unfortunately we will have to reschedule.

- Hair Extension Clients: There will be a minimum $500 deposit to schedule any NEW installation appointment.  Depending on the amount of hair that you'll need, the deposit could be higher.  Please be prepared for that prior to coming to your appt.  We will discuss this during your consultation.

- All deposits are non-refundable for any reason.  If you leave a deposit and change or cancel your appointment you will forfeit your deposit.  All Hair Extension clients are required to sign a waiver that acknowledges you are aware of the deposit terms and policies.  

- All hair extension purchases are non-refundable for any reason.  Once you place the deposit for your extension appointment, I will be placing any needed hair orders.  At that point all purchases are non-refundable.

- If you aren't satisfied with your hair for any reason, I invite you to contact me ASAP.  I will allow 7 days for any adjustments that need to be made to any service.  After 7 days, I will adjust anything at my normal fees.  I do not offer refunds.  I will adjust the hair to make sure that you love your hair but I do not offer refunds.  If you change your mind, or show me a goal picture and realize after the appointment that you don't like the result...I will adjust the color at my normal fees. 

- I take photos of most of my guests to display on my social media accounts and website.  I Thank all of my guests so much for allowing me to do this.  This is how future guests find me and see my work, without these photos my business would not be successful so again I thank you so very much!!

If you are not comfortable with me taking your photo for any reason PLEASE PLEASE be sure to tell me before we begin your service.  I will always respect what my guests are comfortable with and not.

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I thank you so much for choosing me to be your stylist.  I take great pride in my work and I love to take care of my guests!

I appreciate that you have taken the time to go over my policies.  I hope that you understand these policies are in place to protect my business, but also to ensure that I can give all of my guests the amazing experience that I strive for everyday.  

I thank you!

Annette C.  XOXO

Owner - Morgan James Salon


Annette Marie Beauty LLC. 

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