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Hair Extension Installation

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Hair Extension Services

Need a Wash?

Need Moisture?

Need a refresh for your color?

Hand-Tied Installation                                                         $250 Per Row
Hand-Tied "EZ Maintanance"                                                        $65  Per Row

Hand-Tied "Full" Maintanance                                                      $250 Per Row

Hand-Tied Removal                                                                $25  Per Row 
Includes: Removal Of Extensions, basic brush out ONLY.

Tape-In Installation                                                                $150 Per Bag 
or (priced by the project)  

Tape-In Maintanance                                                             $175 Per Bag
or (priced by the project)   

Tape-In Extension Removal                                                 $75 Per bag
or (priced by the project)   ​
Includes: Professional Removal of extensions from the natural.
Does not include excess adhesive removal, wash or style.

Keratin Extension Installation                                        $175+ Per Hour or (priced by the project)  ​

Keratin Extension Maintanance                                      $175+ Per Hour
or (priced by the project)  ​

Keratin Extension Removal                                              $175+ Per Hour
or (priced by the project)   

I-Tip Extension Installation                                             $175+ Per Hour
or (priced by the project)  ​

I-Tip Extension Maintanance                                           $175+ Per Hour​
or (priced by the project) 
I-Tip Extension Removal                                                   $175+ Per Hour
or (priced by the project) 

The Wash & Style                                                                    $125+
Includes: Shampoo of extensions, Blow-dry, & Style.
(add-on Curls)​                                                                                                   

The Treatment                                                                   $150+
Includes: Shampoo, Deep Hair Treatment, Blow-dry and Style.

The Tone Refresh                                                                   $  
​Includes: Shampoo, Tone Refresh , Blow-dry and Style.

The Root & Tone Refesh                                                      $ 
Includes: Shampoo, Tone and Root Shadow Refresh, Blow-dry and Style.

The Deep Clean                                                                        $ 
Includes: Shampoo, Deep Clarify Cleanse of Extensions, Blow-dry and Style.

The Scalp Scrub                                                                $  
​Includes: Scalp Shampoo Treatment, Exfoliating Scalp Scrub, Blow-dry and Style.

The Extension OLAPLEX Treatment                              $
Includes: Shampoo, #O Olaplex Deep Treatment, blow-dry and style.

Please Note:  The prices above DO NOT include the purchase of your hair extensions.  These are insta***For pricing on my other extension methods please fill out a Hair Extension Consultation form (go to the HAIR EXTENSION option in the menu above).

***All prices listed above are estimates. They do not include the cost of any hair color services that would be needed.

** All NEW Hair extension appointments require a $500+ deposit to schedule.  This deposit will be applied to your service the day of your appointment.  If you cancel or change your appointment inside my 48 hour cancellation policy window you will lose this deposit.  All guests scheduling a hair extension installation and hair purchase will be required to sign a cancellation/deposit waiver.

Hair doesn't make the woman,
but good hair extensions definitely help! 
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