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  Whether you're considering hair extensions to get in touch with your inner mermaid, or you're experiencing hair issues that give you less confidence in your life...let this be an exciting time!

  The experience of getting hair extensions should be fun, exciting, and add to your life.

My approach to hair extensions can be different than most.  I like to create an extension experience specifically for YOU!  Each guest has specific needs based on their lifestyle, hair type, and goals.  Something that works for one person will not work for another....and that's OK!

Yes, hair extensions are extra work, but they shouldn't feel like a ball and chain.  My goal is to learn about you and your lifestyle so that I can make you love your hair!

     Like I said before, they should add to your life and improve the way your hair looks and your soul feels.  There is nothing that looks better on you than confidence, and hair extensions can absolutely give you that.


*Please fill out the form below.  This will get our Hair Extension conversation started. 

I am so happy for you that you have made the decision to invest in yourself and your hair.  I cannot wait to meet you and get this party started! 

Annette C.



Image by Roberto Nickson
Image by Roberto Nickson
Image by Kirk Schwarz
Image by Bernard Hermant
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